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Who are we

Since 1975, Endeavour College of Natural Health has helped people turn their passion for natural health into their purpose.

Today, Endeavour is the largest provider of Natural Health courses in the Southern Hemisphere, a leading higher education institution in Australia and an innovator in intuitive online learning platforms.

In 2022, we launched our short courses, giving:

What we promise you

We’re here to help you make the most of this one precious life and champion every person who wants to learn.

“Natural health knowledge is empowering, and we believe it should be accessible to everyone in the world. We know that learning can enrich your life and the lives of everyone around you.”

– Rolf Krecklenberg, Managing Director & CEO

With Endeavour, you will receive trusted, reliable and relevant information to improve your health and wellbeing. Our short courses are designed and supported by instructors at the forefront of their industry and backed by our quality education credentials.

Our team

As you’d imagine, we’re all passionate about health and wellness. We’re equally driven to ensure your experience with Endeavour is the best it can be. From our instructors to our digital learning specialists and CEO, we are renowned for going the extra mile to care for our students.

"The nutrition course was all about circling back to the science. It wasn’t fluffy. It was full of excellent case studies and amazing resources."

- Nikki Auckland

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