Wednesday, 31 August 2022

A taste for further study in nutrition

Yoga and meditation teacher and former lawyer Cherrie McMillen decided a short course was the best way to get a taste of nutrition before deciding whether to invest in further study.

“I’m currently undertaking some business coaching, and Endeavour’s online course was a good option alongside this,” Cherrie said. “The course was short, well-structured and easy to manage. I am thinking about moving into nutrition coaching in the future, but it was also useful for my general knowledge.”

While Cherrie was working as an insurance lawyer, she discovered how much yoga helped her manage stress. “I have done yoga for more than 20 years, but I became more and more interested in pursuing it full-time. I started Yoga Teacher Training while I was working in law. It took about two years to transition and 500 hours of training to get my certification.”

After teaching yoga for about a year, Covid-19 hit. Face-to-face teaching stopped, and while Cherrie moved some of her classes online, it was challenging. On the upside, she quickly gained new skills in digital literacy that helped her run her business and had time to guide her children through homeschooling.

As in-person activities began to resume, Cherrie’s yoga business started slowly gaining momentum. As the business grows, Cherrie is considering how she can expand into other areas that interest her and are integral to a holistic lifestyle.

“I have always been interested in nutrition, doing my own research and reading on nutrition topics. In high school, I had a weight issue. I was able to lose weight at university through lifestyle changes. I have since maintained my weight and my interest in nutrition. I had looked at Endeavour in the past, so I decided to give the Nutrition in Weight Loss short course a go.”

“The course re-confirmed my existing knowledge and provided details about the practical steps for losing weight, like setting SMART goals, tracking your progress etc. I was already aware of many of the topics covered by the course. However, if you were unsure about weight loss, this would be a great course to get you started. I also learnt about the medical weight loss options available to people and was saddened to learn that so many people feel the only option they have is to opt for surgery to manage their weight.”

Cherrie is considering further nutrition study. “I’d like to be able to help other people use yoga, meditation and nutrition to feel their best – to help them be calm, well and happy.”

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"The nutrition course was all about circling back to the science. It wasn’t fluffy. It was full of excellent case studies and amazing resources."

- Nikki Auckland