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Casey Wise

Casey is a practicing Clinical Nutritionist (BHSc Nutritional & Dietetic Medicine) and Endeavour College graduate based in Brisbane, Queensland. Her areas of expertise are autoimmune disease and gut health, and the interconnection between the two.

Casey's journey into nutrition began after being diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis at just 17 years old and experiencing first-hand the transformative power of adopting a nutritious diet and healing the gut. This, combined with her education and clinical experience, has allowed Casey to develop a holistic and integrative approach to nutrition and cemented her passion for helping others to lead their healthiest, most fulfilling lives.

Wednesday, 12 April 2023

Casey Wise

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Nature’s superfood: The incredible health benefits of blueberries

Superfood is a buzzword that is thrown around a lot in the health space, and not one that I use lightly. But when it comes to blueberries, these small but mighty fruits are certainly worthy of the title!

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"Endeavour’s short courses offer the wider community an opportunity to learn about natural health. Their edge comes from being enriched by the College’s holistic approach, self-reflection and the social ethics of what a broader perspective about medicine can achieve."

- Dr Paul Strube

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