Tuesday, 23 August 2022

Five tips for a perfect sandwich

What’s not to loaf about the humble sandwich? Quick and easy to prepare, cost-effective, convenient, and filling. Oh, while we’re on the topic of fillings, we want to share some tips on how to turn your sandwich into a well-rounded meal.

1) Bread first

What’s a sandwich without bread? Well, just the fillings.

Choosing your bread is the glue that’s going to hold this sandwich together. Grain, rye or wholemeal are all great options, as they’re high in fibre and B vitamins (which are vital for energy). These options also incorporate micronutrients like iron and zinc.

2) Switch up your spread

Before fillings, there’s the spread (some of which are highly processed and lack nutritional diversity). Margarine falls into this category, with most nutritionists recommending that you steer clear and substitute it with something more natural. Swapping margarine for avocado is an easy way to add healthy fats and fibre to your sandwich. Hummus or nut butter are also great ways to add fibre and protein.

3) Pack it full of veggies

To turn a sandwich into a nutrition vessel, add as many vegetables as you can. Grated carrot, sliced tomato, cucumber, sprouts, baby spinach and lettuce are all heroes in the sandwich-filling department – adding essential vitamins and nutrients needed for a balanced diet.

4) Add protein

The final piece of a nutritious sandwich puzzle is protein. Protein-rich foods keep you feeling fuller for longer!

Hard-boiled eggs, falafel, tuna, chicken, smoked salmon and cheese are just some of the protein-packed fillings you can add to your sandwich.

5) Half-sandwich, full flavour

If you love a sandwich but feel like something lighter, why not try a half sandwich using one slice of bread? Otherwise, open-faced sandwiches are another way to go – bonus points for being easy to assemble at home or in the office. Another tasty option is a wrap or a lunch cracker (we like Dr Karg’s), stuffed or topped with your favourite ingredients. These are both great ways to get your serving of wholegrains but won’t leave you feeling stuffed (or sleepy).

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