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Wednesday, 17 August 2022

Teas for the seasons: Tea for each phase of your menstrual cycle

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There is a concept that is gaining popularity within the natural health community around defining phases of the menstrual cycle as seasons.

Simply put, this is relating the metaphors we imagine for outer seasons to describe the emotional and energetic space we experience during different menstrual hormonal windows.

It is lovely to build supportive practices around this concept. Some people like to arrange their schedule around this flow to allow for rest when it is needed or expansive tasks when they feel at their strongest.

How you nourish yourself during these times can also impact how you will experience each season. Also, some people have a preference for the energy flavours. Some like down time, while others may enjoy the stronger energies.

Bringing an awareness to your inner seasons can help you shift your schedule and health practices to a more supportive alignment.

But what are the seasons? Below we discuss each season and pair it with a supportive tea that you probably have in your cupboard right now.


This is the term used to describe your menstruating window. It is a time of slowness and reflection. Some people experience pain or discomfort, while others find it an important window for dreaminess. It is a sign of completion and best to end tasks here and reflect on what needs to drop away from your schedule.

Ginger tea is an excellent accompaniment to this phase as it warms us up and helps boost circulation when we could be otherwise too stagnant. It is also an excellent anti-inflammatory which can help relieve pain symptoms.


Is used to describe our follicular phase that comes between menstruation and ovulation. Is a time of newness and a return from our winter cave. Symptoms have possibly abated and left a renewed sense of vigour. It can also be a vulnerable time as we get used to sharing our voices and ideas again and some people can feel a little shy.

Green tea is a lovely ally for this as it adds a little fuel with slight levels of caffeine. It is also a wonderful antioxidant that can help with mental clarity.


Is the metaphor for the ovulation window and can be the most fiery time in the cycle. It is the phase you will feel the sharpest and most passionate. This is the window for big projects and discussions that require all of your focus. It is a great time for physical endeavours and being generally charming.

Peppermint tea can be helpful here for several reasons. It can help cool down hot headedness if the inner fire gets too strong. It is also a gentle digestive carminative to help if we are eating on the run and need a little support here. Peppermint can be a great tea to help calm the nerves.


Is used to describe your luteal phase, which comes after ovulation and before menstruation. It is a time of slowing down and your energy starting to wane again. It can also be a time of shorter tempers and symptomatology that could be highlighting areas requiring self-care.

Chamomile tea is an excellent selection here as it is calming and soothing to the nervous system. It is incredibly gentle, and it is so nourishing to drink a tea made from the blossom heads with a little honey for some you time.

Coming into alignment with our inner seasons can be a practice of observation. It can also be helpful to track your own seasons with your digital planner or calendar. This way it can be front of mind or can be used when organising your schedule. You can also look at landing your work life balance into this template to see if it flows more smoothly for you.

Trying some of the teas mentioned above can help you settle into the flavour of each season and begin to explore how each phase can best guide you. Remember, this practice is experimental and personal. There is really no ‘wrong’ way to do this, so get curious and see what works for you!

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