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Tuesday, 10 May 2022

What's in season this winter

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Put on a jacket, book that ski trip, and get out your blender because soup season is here – otherwise known as winter. Here is our winter produce guide so you can buy in season all winter long.

Temperatures may drop to a low during winter in Australia, but it doesn’t mean we’re lacking in the fresh produce department. Winter is the ideal time to heat up some leftover casserole for lunch, gather your family and friends for a roast dinner, and enjoy some mulled wine.

We love Sustainable Table and the Seasonal Food Guide when it comes to seasonal eating, but keep in mind that things will differ according to region.

Time to rug up and get the fire started, here’s our guide to the fruit, veg, herbs and spices that are in season this winter.


In the fruit department, there’s less variety than in autumn but there’s still plenty to get excited about. Winter fruit favourites include tangy cumquats, zesty grapefruits, and ripe quince.

Apple | Avocado | Cumquat | Custard apple | Feijoa | Grapefruit | Kiwi fruit | Lemon | Lime | Mandarin | Nashi | Orange | Pear | Persimmon | Pineapple | Quince | Rhubarb | Tamarillo | Tangelo


  • Cumquat jam
  • Honey baked pears
  • Lemon poppyseed cake
  • Pineapple upside-down cake
  • Poached quince
  • Stewed apples and oatmeal


Root vegetables and anything orange-coloured takes centre stage during autumn, but it doesn’t stop there! We love winter veg because there’s so much roasting potential and delicious soup combinations.

Asian greens | Broccoli | Broccolini | Broad beans | Brussels sprouts | Cabbage | Capsicum | Carrot | Cauliflower | Celeriac | Celery | Chokos | Cucumbers | Eggplants | Fennel | Horseradish | Kale | Kohlrabi | Leek | Mushrooms | Okra | Onion | Parsnip | Potato | Pumpkin | Radish | Shallot | Silverbeet | Spinach | Swede | Sweet potato | Turnip


  • Cabbage rolls
  • Carrot and pumpkin soup
  • Eggplant moussaka
  • Fennel salad
  • Oven-roasted tomatoes
  • Potato and leek soup
  • Roasted brussel sprouts
  • Stuffed capsicums
  • Sweet potato mash

Herbs and spices

Fresh herbs and spices aren’t at their finest during the cooler months, but things aren’t completely dire! If you dried or froze some of your herbs over summer and autumn, it’s time to dip into that stash – otherwise, head for the spice shakers and herb packets in the supermarket.

Coriander | Ginger | Dill | Mint | Oregano | Parsley | Rosemary

For an overview of the seasons, check out our seasonal eating guide – we’ve got your bases covered from the warmer to cooler months.

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