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Friday, 19 May 2023

Who takes Endeavour’s CPE courses and why

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Health professionals now have an exciting new way to actively invest in their lifelong learning with the launch of Endeavour’s online Continuing Professional Education courses. But who can benefit most from this opportunity, and why is it a good idea to explore your options?

Continuing Professional Education (CPE), also Continuing Professional Development (CPD), is integral to being a professional and demonstrating commitment to your industry.

Endeavour Head of Digital Stuart Canning explained some health professionals want to address a specific knowledge or skills gap while others are pursuing a new interest.

“There are many reasons people do Endeavour’s CPE courses, aside from ensuring they get the mandatory 20 CPE points or hours they need to maintain their annual health fund or industry association membership,” Stuart said.

“We get enquiries from naturopaths and nutritionists looking to deepen their existing natural health knowledge in an area that interests them or their clients, for example, in Flower Essence Therapy.

“We also have professionals working outside natural health, like GPs, who want to learn more about a particular modality like Chinese Medicine because they have seen its popularity rise and are curious to see what it’s all about or have patients who use it alongside conventional treatments. And aged care nurses who want new skills to help improve the quality of life for the residents they look after, and they take courses like Wellness Practices.”

Endeavour’s CPE courses are drawn from its degrees and is recognised by leading associations. The team has worked to lower the access barrier to CPE, with the online courses available to all health professionals, regardless of geographic location or role.

Stuart explained although some courses, such as clinical reasoning originate from a particular modality, they are applicable across clinical domains.

“Clinical reasoning will be useful to someone who wants to improve their counselling skills during a health consultation or their workflow. Likewise, Establishing and Managing a could be used by a sole trader looking to start a practice after working for someone else, to conduct a health check or add value to an existing business,” Stuart said.

While Endeavour’s CPE courses are tailor-made for progression in natural health, the well-structured program is equally beneficial to people from other fields looking to broaden their horizons.

Interested in being a lifelong learner? Explore our CPE courses today!

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