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Bring wellness into the workplace with Endeavour Short Courses

At Endeavour College, we believe that people come first.

Work is a core element of our adult lives. It becomes a part of our identity – an opportunity to contribute to society, make an impact on the world around us, connect with people, showcase our talents, passions, abilities, and strengths – it allows us to grow.

On the flip side, work can also be challenging. It can be stressful, overwhelming, and consuming. Given the amount of time we spend at work, wellbeing, satisfaction, and happiness, deserve to be prioritised. A happy workplace where people feel valued means an increase in productivity. Studies indicate that wellness programs are essential to job satisfaction, with more employees recommending their workplace to others when offered programs to support their health and wellbeing. The Forbes Business Council 2022 highlighted Employee Mental Health, Wellness and productivity as one of the key focal points post-pandemic. Businesses have become increasingly aware that healthy and happy employees are more effective employees.

We celebrate that employees are real people – real people who come from different backgrounds, with varied life experiences, worldviews, personal circumstances and beyond. This is why we believe that providing support and prioritising wellbeing in the workplace is the foundation to build upon.

Endeavour Short Courses

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Boost employee engagement, productivity, retention and job happiness with Endeavour Short Courses’ Employee Wellness Program.

With over 45 years of industry experience, Endeavour College of Natural Health has helped people turn their passion for natural health into their purpose. Today, Endeavour is the largest provider of Natural Health courses in the Southern Hemisphere, a leading higher education institution in Australia and an innovator in intuitive online learning platforms.

A NSW State Government study discovered that mental health and wellbeing programs were found to have a return on investment between $1.56 and $4.01 for each dollar they cost.

What is the Employee Wellness Program?

The Endeavour Employee Wellness Program offers a suite of short courses across four key areas that we believe contribute to physical and mental wellbeing:

Nutrition: From gut health to improving your relationship with food, learn about eating well to live well.

Mental Health and Wellness: Courses that positively impact all aspects of your physical and mental health.

Natural Health: Courses to help you discover and design a naturally healthier life.

Business: Overcome boundaries and cover new ground in business.

Wellness in the workplace

Help your staff get back on track

Employee benefits

Empower your people

Empower your team with access to reliable, relevant, and practical information curated by subject-matter experts to better manage their wellbeing.

Improve mental and physical health

Providing support for mental and physical health improves a person's ability to deal with negativity and conflict in the workplace. Consistent support signals to fewer sick and mental health absences.

Accessibility and flexibility

With the digital delivery mode, staff are able to engage with materials in a way that best suits their operation – minimising (if not eliminating) any significant downtime associated with training, particularly when operating remotely or leveraging a mobile device.

Staff appreciate the investment

Why invest time and resources into physical and mental wellbeing support in the workplace? Because you care about your people. Show your team that they are valued beyond their ability to produce work.

Compete for the best talent

The workforce is increasingly competitive for talent, with certain sectors seeing a notable shortage of workers. Put your workplace at the top of the ladder by offering employees more than just a job – offer a sense of community, support, flexibility, open-mindedness, and a commitment to workplace satisfaction.

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The cost of absenteeism in Australia is estimated at $7 billion each year – and presenteeism (not fully functioning at work because of medical conditions) is estimated to cost almost $26 billion (Workplace Wellness in Australia, 2010).

If you'd like to find out more about the Employee Wellness Program, submit your enquiry via the contact form below with Endeavour Short Courses’ Employee Wellness Program as the subject line.

"I have just started a short online course over the weekend and I am really enjoying it. I am considering going back to more formal studies, but it has been many, many years since I have studied and wasn't sure how I would go and how I would function with online work and material. The online short courses are brilliant and I am really enjoying the course content!"

- Janine Hollands

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