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Business essentials: optimising your natural health business for success

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Is it time for a health check on your business venture? In this short course, you can revisit your vision, mission and goals, refine your target market and review the performance and viability of your natural health business. Hone your leadership skills, emotional intelligence, presentation and problem-solving skills and discover how to give back to yourself.

What you'll take away from this course

Self-leadership techniques
Enhanced presentation skills
A business health check
A refined business plan
Target market tips

In this short course, you will study seven core topics to help you assess your natural health business venture and opportunities for innovation and growth. Start by defining what makes a business successful before turning your attention to your natural health business. Delve into different leadership styles, including your own. Learn ways to increase employee engagement, effectively manage a team and build business relationships and networking skills. Finally, consider how to support your own personal and professional development.

What is a successful business? Learn how to identify the signs of a successful business.
Reviewing the health of your business Perform an objective and thorough health check on your business.
Pillars for success Define the foundations for the success of your business venture.
Building the secondary income stream How to create additional income, even when you’re not at work.
Developing leadership skills Understand leadership styles, including your own, and areas for improvement.
People management Gain the skills to manage a team and improve employee and stakeholder engagement.
Giving back to yourself Discover ways to support your personal and professional development.

In this course, you’ll learn practical skills that you can quickly and easily apply in your natural health business and life.

Dive into our rich array of online resources, including videos, podcasts and interactive quizzes, to learn about performing a health check on your natural health business.

Using our intuitive, industry-leading learning platform, you have the flexibility to study entirely online, in your own time and at your pace. Your learning is supported by an interactive Learning Journal, which you will download and use throughout the course. Remember, if you need it, learning support is one click away.

This course is designed and supported by experts and instructors at the forefront of the industry and backed by Endeavour College of Natural Health’s higher education credentials.

Your instructor

Emma Sternberg has spent her whole adult life helping people to understand themselves and their behaviours.

With the grounding of a Bachelor of Health Science (Complementary Medicine) and Kinesiology she has established successful clinics in two locations …

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