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Wellness Practices: tools for balanced living

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Feeling balanced and ready to take on the world? This short course takes a deep dive into wellness, wellbeing and mindfulness. Explore how you can maximise your sleep, eat well to live well, get more active and build resilience, compassion and gratitude. Achieve balance in your life, and champion wellbeing in others.

What you'll take away from this course

A framework for mental and emotional balance
Tools and skills to improve your wellbeing
Mindfulness practices
A healthy eating and exercise plan
Sleep and stress management techniques

In this short course, you’ll gain tools and skills to improve your overall wellbeing and to champion this in others. During six core topics, learn practical ways to manage stress with tried-and-true techniques and harness the power of mindfulness practices. Explore meditation and unlock the value of a good night’s sleep. Gain an understanding of how nutrition, energy levels, physical activity and emotions impact your wellbeing. Unlock the power of building resilience, compassion and gratitude to achieve balanced living.

Wellness and Wellbeing Explore wellness and wellbeing in detail and reflect on what it means to you.
Mindfulness Delve into mindfulness and meditation as a way to practise it.
Stress Management Study the impact of stress on your wellbeing and how to deal with it effectively.
Physical Wellness Practices Focus on nutrition and physical activity as vital aspects of your overall wellbeing.
Sleep Learn to maximise your sleep time and quality to improve wellness.
Building Resilience, Compassion and Gratitude Learn about positive psychology and how it can alter your perspective on life.

During this course, understand where you are on the wellness continuum and create a framework to achieve emotional and physical balance. Put your ideas into practice, and you will achieve a balanced life.

Dive into our rich array of online resources, including videos, podcasts and interactive quizzes, all designed to help you achieve overall wellness so that you can make the most of this one precious life.

Using our intuitive, industry-leading learning platform, you have the flexibility to study entirely online, in your own time and at your pace. Your learning is supported by an interactive Learning Journal, which you will download and use throughout the course. Remember, if you need it, learning support is one click away.

This course is designed and supported by experts and instructors at the forefront of the industry and backed by Endeavour College of Natural Health’s higher education credentials.

Your instructors

Kellie Hutchin is passionate about holistic practice, mindfulness and helping her clients to achieve happy and fulfilling lives through behaviour change. As a registered counsellor, Kellie works in many different areas including family therapy, individual…

Anita came to Australia as a refugee from the Balkans war in 2001. Since then, she has completed an Honors degree and a Ph.D. in Psychology at Victoria University. Concurrent with the 3.5 years of her Ph.D. study, she has held positions as a Family Therap…

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Awardees are able to use tools and skills to improve wellbeing, develop mindfulness practices, create a healthy eating and exercise plan, implement sleep and stress management techniques and create a long-term framework for mental and emotional balance.

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"I’ve been loving doing the Gut Health course from Endeavour Short Course! I think it’s so important in this industry to constantly be growing, educating and challenging yourself – and these short courses make that so achievable. All the cutting-edge research that they share through the course has helped me stay on top of the new information coming in... but as a side note – I have just loved learning again! I miss sitting in a lecture room! But this is the next best thing."

- Lani Finau

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