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Wednesday, 5 October 2022

Gaining nutrition knowledge to look after her family and her career

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Elise Brattoni was standing in a supermarket aisle reading a food label when she realised with a shock that she didn’t understand half of the ingredients on it. She decided to find an online nutrition course that would help improve her family’s health and her career.

“As a parent, you have so many choices when it comes to feeding your children. It’s hard to know what’s best. I looked for an online course where I could learn the science behind healthy eating,” Elise said.

“The nutrition knowledge I gained throughout the course was priceless. It gave me confidence when it came to looking after my family’s nutrition. Early on, one of the greatest takeaways was how deceiving food packaging sometimes is. It gives people the impression they’re making good choices when in fact they may not be healthy at all.”

Elise returned to study more than 12 years after finishing her original fitness qualification and after her children had started school. “The course had to be online and flexible so that I could fit it in at home around my family and other commitments. It turned out I loved it so much that it was easy to make time to study,” she said.

During the course, Elise started to create more nutritious meals and noticed how well she felt when she ate well. “My energy levels improved, and I could give so much more to life. Women are often guilty of not doing something for themselves, even if it only takes an hour a day. Understanding more about nutrition is useful knowledge for anyone, even if you never use it in your career.”

“I wanted to share this knowledge with my friends and family, empowering everyone around me,” Elise said. “With everything that’s happened in the last years with COVID-19, lifestyles are changing. People are more aware of the need to look after their physical and mental health, but sometimes, we over-complicate things, and women are often too hard on themselves. In my business, I like to help people find balance in their life.”

Elise was also inspired to continue her studies. First, she considered updating her PT qualifications but opted to become a yoga teacher instead. “In the future, I’d like to learn more about ayurvedic foods, building on my nutrition knowledge and combining all my skills into a holistic service for mums.”

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