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Tuesday, 7 March 2023

Travelling across the world to help other women reach their health goals

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Seven months pregnant, Diana Cosovan left her country of birth and all her family and friends to start a new life with her Australian husband in Queensland. It was tough, but her experience inspired her to help other women.

“At home in Moldova, I was used to training, but when I came here, there was no pre or post-natal training or childminding available at the gym. I didn’t have family nearby to support me,” Diana said. “All my children were born in Australia, and I gained so much weight over three pregnancies. I wasn’t in the right headspace. I knew I needed to lose weight but didn’t know much about how.”

A former school teacher, Diana, did her research and started with a fitness coach, who helped her with the training techniques and getting on the right track. “That’s how I realised I want to do the same thing and help people, mainly women, with the same challenges.”

“When I got fitter and stronger, I completed my Cert III and IV in Fitness, and started training other women. By then, I also knew that you can’t out-train a bad diet, so I enrolled to study nutrition at Endeavour.”

“I loved the course and wanted to use my knowledge quickly to help my PT clients. Studying nutrition transformed my business,” Diana said. “I started looking differently at nutrition and helping my clients achieve balance in their nutrition, rather than seeing food as an enemy.”

“The course also had an impact on my family’s nutrition,” she said. “We started reading food labels and being aware of our sugar intake.”

Diana runs her studio, JumpFit Training, conducting fitness classes in person and via Zoom. She catches up with her clients individually once a week to check in and review their progress. She also trains clients and runs group fitness classes at two different gyms.

“I learn as much as I can by meeting people in the industry and asking questions. In the two local gyms, I’m the only one who holds a Diploma in nutrition, which means I’m able to help clients with their nutrition and meal plans.”

“From my teaching background, I know not everyone learns the same way. You must be flexible. People need to enjoy what they are doing, or it’s not sustainable. Everyone needs a different approach based on their motivation, condition, lifestyle and goals.”

Most of Diana’s clients are women, and because of her experience, she particularly enjoys helping women through pregnancy and beyond. “It’s important to be healthy before, after and during pregnancy. Fitness is a journey that takes time, and it’s much more rewarding if we do it together.”

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