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Marianne Zander

Marianne is a health and wellness coach with a background in personal training. She holds special interests in complementary medicine, gut health and vegan nutrition. Passionate about living a holistic lifestyle, Marianne founded This Wellness Life and takes an all-natural approach based on key pillars of wellness including mindset, movement, managing stress levels and maximising nutrition.

She’s been able to combine her passion for natural health with her professional career in communications in her role at Endeavour College where she contributes to content and course development and helps promote and launch new initiatives, projects and systems for staff and students.

Monday, 31 October 2022

Marianne Zander

DIY eco friendly low tox

Living a low-tox lifestyle: Simple DIYs to reduce your chemical load

I started looking at labels back in 2011 when I went vegan. At that point, it was less about living a low-tox lifestyle and more about making sure I wasn’t purchasing items that were tested on animals or made with animal products. I found many brands pr…

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Monday, 17 October 2022

Marianne Zander

mental health and wellness self care self love

The powerful practice of self-love

Some people find it challenging to make eye contact with others. But have you ever looked in the mirror and made eye contact with yourself? Like really held your own gaze while saying nice things to yourself? Let me tell you, it’s not as easy as it soun…

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Wednesday, 12 October 2022

Marianne Zander

connection mental health and wellness self care

Bond with your girl squad: Recharging as an introvert

Unless you know me well, you probably wouldn’t pick up that I am an introvert. I’m social, I talk a lot, and I love a good time out with friends. But when it comes time to recharge, regroup and reset, I typically prefer to do it alone (well, not entirel…

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Wednesday, 21 September 2022

Marianne Zander

endometriosis mental health and wellness natural health

My holistic approach to endometriosis

I was lying on the table, legs in butterfly pose, naked from the waist down except for the small sheet that never seemed to cover enough of my exposed body. I was back for yet another ‘female physio’ appointment in an attempt to better understand what w…

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"I’ve been loving doing the Gut Health course from Endeavour Short Course! I think it’s so important in this industry to constantly be growing, educating and challenging yourself – and these short courses make that so achievable. All the cutting-edge research that they share through the course has helped me stay on top of the new information coming in... but as a side note – I have just loved learning again! I miss sitting in a lecture room! But this is the next best thing."

- Lani Finau

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